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May of 2018 Bentley Siems got involved with Unleashed Pet Rescue. In 7 months our home has fostered 1 cat, 6 dogs, 8 puppies, and 14 kittens. It’s been a unique experience to say the least. It has been eye opening to the prevalence of cruelty surrounding us, offset by the measures people will go to help strangers during times of need.

October of 2018 Bentley was awarded as a Broadcom Masters Finalist, which yielded a monetary award. Thinking of a way to use his award to make a difference in the world, he decided to use it to begin an animal rescue. He won’t be able to “save them all”, but he can save a few, and begin what will be the next generation of pet rescue.

Scanning through free things listed on Craigslist, Bentley found 2 five month old kittens advertised as ‘free’. Knowing their fate would likely end being used as bait in dog fighting rings, he passed that post forward to his parents. Without thinking, mom contacted the seller, and the kittens became Bentleys first official rescue. The kittens were taken to the vet, brought up to date on their shots, neutered, and placed in foster as they wait to be adopted into their forever homes. Once they are adopted, their adoption fees will go towards saving the next animal in need.
To support our sons request to start an animal rescue, we are approved with the IRS for 501c(3) status,  One requirement to establish a 501c(3) is to have a minimum of 3 board members. In honor of maintaining transparency, it is unfortunately illegal for a minor under the age of 18 to be a board member. Jeff and I will both serve as board members – Jeff, as the voice of logic; and I will vote based on representing Bentley to keep this rescue true to its roots. The remaining board members will remain anonymous at this time, but possess years of experience and yield a variety of viewpoints, in an effort to collaborate ideas into something successful. As a minor, Bentley is allowed and will hold, the position of organizer.
~Carrie Siems-

A quick glimpse into Pawportunities over our 1st 3 years.  Thank you to all our Volunteers who make this all possible.