Blue Springs Animal Control

Pawportunities Animal Welfare Services operates with a profound sense of responsibility as the animal control entity for the City of Blue Springs, dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our  community’s residents and their animals. Committed to the principles of compassion and respect, our animal control services prioritize the humane treatment and care of every creature in need. Through proactive efforts, we respond to and address instances of animal distress, providing a helping hand to those who cannot speak for themselves. Our goal is not only to enforce responsible pet ownership but also to educate and inspire a community that values and protects the welfare of all its furry residents. With every interaction, Pawportunities strives to be a beacon of hope and support for animals in challenging situations, advocating for a world where compassion and care extend to every member of our community, both two-legged and four.

Blue Springs Animal Control is contracted with Pawportunities Animal Welfare Services to provide all services for the City of Blue Springs, MO.  We have 4 full-time Animal Control Officers on staff providing the residents 6 days a week service.  They are issued full rights to enforce all animal related ordinances on behalf of the city.

Animal Control Service Hours
M-Saturday 8am to 5pm
Sunday Closed
Emergency Call out 24 hours

Animal Control Dispatch 816-228-0149
Animal Control Shelter 816-622-4117

Animal Control and Pawportunities works closely with the Blue Springs School District and with local community organizations in animal education and outreach.

Our Animal Control Officers are Certified at Both the State and National Levels
State Certified–Animal Control Officers-MACA
Nationally Certified–Animal Control Officers-NACA
Nationally Certified–Animal Abuse Investigators Level I & II
Nationally Certified–Law Enforcement Training Instructor-LETI
Nationally Certified–Animal Control Training Instructor-ACCA

Blue Springs Animal Control is Located at:

1228 NW Knox Street
Blue Springs, MO 64015

This is inside the Barett Park industrial Complex just north of downtown Blue Springs

Animal Control Concerns
Contact Animal Control Supervisor Chris Bax
via email at [email protected]
via shelter phone 816-622-4117

Impound Release Fees

Redemption Fee per Animal
$29.00  1st Offense
$50.00  2nd and subsequent offenses in 12 month period

Daily Kennel Fees per Animal
$25.00 per day

  • PLUS any REQUIRED Veterinary costs due to an animal being sick or injured

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many pets are allowed at a residence in Blue Springs, MO
    1. per ordinance 215.030 you are allowed 4 adult animals over the age of 6 months
  2. Are rabies vaccinations required for my animals?
    1. per ordinance 215.140 all dogs and cats 4 months of age or older are required to have a current rabies vaccination and have tags displayed on their collar.
  3. If I need to surrender my animal what should I do?
    1. Animal Control does not take owner surrenders due to space.
    2. Any person needing to surrender would work with our Rescue Division to be considered for surrender.
    3. One can start by completing the “I need to Surrender my Animal” form.  This will ten be forwarded to the correct member of the rescue team.
  4. If I find an animal what should I do?
    1. First, you should immediately call Animal Control and complete a Found Animal Form.  This form is required prior to Animal Control picking up any found animal.
    2. This animal is scared and its behaviors are unknown.  You are risking your safety to not immediately call Animal Control.  You are taking responsibility for the animal while in your custody.
    3. If you wait and are taking care of the animal for 3 days or longer per Mo Statute 578.005 it defines ownership as a “Person who owns or harbors an animal”. The same statute defines HARBOR as “to feed or shelter an animal at the same location for three or more consecutive days”
    4. By this statute, if you wait and contact Animal Control after day 2, this animal would be considered yours and would be classified as an owner surrender.
    5. Animal Surrenders are only allowed as space allows.
  5. Can an Animal Control Officer issue citations for ordinance violations?
    1. YES, Animal Control is a department within the local Police Department tasked with enforcement of all city ordinances within section 215 of the city.
    2. A citation issued from an Animal Control Officers has the same weight and severity as being issued by a police officer.
    3. Most offenses are classified as a misdemeanor. 
    4. On more severe cases an officer can issue state charges that in some cases be classified as a felony.
  6. Does Animal Control pickup Community or Ferrel Cats?
    1. A cat that is injured, needing medical treatment will be handled by the department.  Given needed medical treatment and TNR performed.
    2. Any loose cats that are not able to be picked up without trapping are considered a community or ferrel cat and will not be immediately processed through Animal Control but coordinated through the rescue for possible TNR.
    3. Handling of a ferrel cat requiring trapping is coordinated through the rescue as they will TNR(Trap, Neuter, Return) the cat based on their spay/neuter schedule.
  7. Can my dog run off lease in Blue Springs?
    1. per ordinance 215.040 an animal MUST be restrained at ALL times.
    2. The exception is for dogs at the city’s dog park
  8. I have lost a pet what should I do?
    1. Please complete a Lost Animal Form.  This is database is where we look first for any found animal
    2. Monitor the Blue Springs Community Awareness and Lost and Found Pets Blue Springs pages on Facebook
    3. These are the two most used sites by residents for lost or found animals
  9. Is it illegal to feed outdoor community cats?
    1.  City ordinance 215.010 defines  OWNER as-The person having the right of property or custody of a dog, cat, or animal or who keeps or harbors a dog, cat, or animal or knowingly permits a dog, cat or animal to remain on or about any premises occupied by that person.
    2.  So by feeding community cats you are actually accepting ownership rights and are required to care for the animal
    3. Based on ordinance 215.040 all owned pets must be restrained.  A community cat would be in violation of this ordinance.
  10. A neighbor’s dog barks excessively what can be done? 
    1. The city has a 3 step process to address this.
      1. Your first step is to obtain the address for the barking dog(s). A formal letter is sent to the animal owner about an anonymous complaint.  A 30-day grace period is granted to the animal owner to allow time for corrective steps to be taken.
      2. If no changes have occurred after the grace period, another complaint can be filed and an Animal Control Officer is sent to the owner’s address and they talk to the owner or leave a door hanger regarding the barking dog complaint.  Another 30-day grace period is granted to the animal owner to allow time for corrective steps to be taken.
      3. If no changes have occurred after the second 30-day grace period, we encourage you to file a formal complaint against the owner. If you decline to file a formal complaint, you cannot file another complaint on the address for 90 days.
    2. When calling with a barking dog concern, you will be given the option to follow the 3-step program, go directly to step 2 or step 3
    3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Animal Control Officers cannot issue a ticket for barking dogs.  In order for corrective action to be taken, you would need to sign a formal complaint, then an Animal Control Officer may issue a ticket on your behalf.  This will require you to appear in court with evidence to support your barking claim.
  11. I have a question about Blue Springs animal ordinances
    1. You can visit City of Blue Springs Ordinance Page
    2. Contact Animal Control directly at their shelter number 816-622-4117
    1. Or via email to AC Supervisor at [email protected]